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Soil Depletion Is Responsible for Many Health Problems

March 11th, 2022

You avoid anti-nutrients and eat a healthy diet, so you must be getting every mineral that is essential for your body and helps you stay healthy. Unfortunately, the mineral value of natural food items has decreased with time, resulting in many health issues. Minerals are recycled to a large extent in natural eco-system. They are taken up by the plants from soil, consumed by humans as well as animals and returned to the soil via their decomposed bodies and wastes. Traditional farming methods maintained the fertility of the soil through crop rotation. Food was mostly consumed close to the places where it was grown, and animal and human manure was spread onto the fields. However, the time has changed now and things have gone wrong.

Depletion is Getting Worse!

In 1992, Rio Earth Summit’s report showed that the mineral value of soils throughout the world was decreasing. According to the data showing the trend over last hundred years, the average mineral levels of agricultural soils have decreased by 76% in Asia, 72% in Europe and 85% in North America. Artificial fertilizers are the major cause of this decline. Under ideal conditions, plants absorb about 80 different minerals, but the number returned to the soil is negligible in comparison. Organic wastes are delivered to landfill sites instead of being returned to the soil, resulting in soil depletion.

Healthy Eating – The Truth of the Matter.

The uptake of trace minerals is also reduced by the usage of pesticides and herbicides. If the plants cannot absorb these minerals, how can they be beneficial to our bodies? They have lost their nutritional value and are causing deficiency of minerals and nutrients in our bodies. We might believe that we are giving our body everything it needs by eating healthy, but in reality it is not even getting half of the minerals it is supposed to get from a particular vegetable or fruit. Pesticides are also responsible for the destruction of mycorrhizal fungi that helps plants to absorb minerals from the soil.

Most of the food we eat today is mineral deficient due to reduced availability of nutrients and soil mineral depletion. Humans require food with both minerals and vitamins for maintaining good health. USDA has revealed that most individuals today lack calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamins A, D, C and E. Many chronic health diseases are reported to be developing among people due to lack of minerals.


Most nutritional studies link prevalent diseases to nutritional deficiencies. Different nutritional researches have revealed the vital relationship between minerals, vitamins, and optimum health. However, minerals are more important to both physical and mental health. They help our body in multiple biochemical processes. When the level of minerals in our body goes down, the risk of different diseases goes up. Lack of minerals and vitamins in a human body adds to the increased risk of different cancers. Low magnesium and potassium level in blood might cause quivering heart. The electrochemical makeup of your body alters due to the deficiency of these minerals, resulting in many heart diseases.

Soil depletion has not only negatively affected the agriculture industry, but has also contributed to the augmented risk of numerous health problems.

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